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PVC Foam Sheet

rajvi extrusion pvt. ltd. manufacturing pvc foam sheet in 3 layer with world advanced technology and with vast expertise rajvi pvc ply can make perfectly his product as per customer requirement the top and bottom layer is upvc and middle layer is pvc foam material its state of the art co-extruded technology with having latest technology with fully atomization computerization plant

We would like to inform you that our products can be widely used in Construction & Real Estate, Furniture, Doors and Advertising sectors. Our PVC Sheets are available in various thicknesses ranging from 4mm to 20mm in different colors and sizes.

Our PVC ply has innumerable application-internally; it can be used in all places where an Ordinary Plywood, Marine Ply and Particle Board can be used. Our sheet can be printed easily and Pasting PVC Laminates & Foil (Paper) for making decorative furniture.

In our product, top and bottom layer is uPVC rigid material; the density of this material is 1.4 gms/cc. And the Middle layer is PVC foam material, the density of this material is 0.50 gms/cc. the advantage of 3 layer pvc foam board is surface should be strong, scratch resistance, surface is high glossy, low water absorption, high shore de hardness, have high self-capacity, surface density is higher than the celluka or free foam pvc board and great advantage in shutter bending problem in furniture sector.

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